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Li-ion button battery

Key Features:

The LIR series cells are made up of. The charging and discharging principle classified LIR series as suitable for the rechargeable requirement devices at a high open circuit voltage in comparison to aqueous batteries and thus. LIR cells are widely used in consumer electronics such as GPS watch, bluetooth, clocks etc.

1、 High energy density up to 270WH/Kg.

U赢电竞竞猜 2、 High operation voltage (3.6 V) .

U赢电竞竞猜 3、 Wide operation temperature range, -20 °C to +60 °C .

Model Number Nominal Voltage Overall dimensions Nominal Capacity Other
LIR2032 3.6V -Φ20.0X3.2mm 45mAh
LIR1220 3.6V -Φ12.5X2.0mm 8mAh
LIR1620 3.6V Φ16.0X2.0mm 16mAh
LIR1632 3.6V Φ16.0X3.2mm 25mAh
LIR2016 3.6V -Φ20.0X1.6mm 18mAh
LIR2025 3.6V Φ20.0X2.5mm 25mAh
LIR2430 3.6V Φ24.5X3.0mm 60mAh
LIR2440 3.6V Φ24.5X4.0mm 80mAh
LIR2450 3.6V Φ24.5X5.0mm 120mAh
LIR2466 3.6V Φ24.5X6.6mm 150mAh
LIR2477 3.6V Φ24.5X7.7mm 180mAh
LIR3032 3.6V Φ30.0X3.2mm 110mAh
LIR3048 3.6V Φ30.0X4.8mm 170mAh
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