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Li-MnO2 button cell battery

Key Features:

Main Feature:
1.Specifical capacity reach to 320wh/kg
2.3Vseries,working voltage 2.8v-3v,Low self-discharge rate and Stable discharge characteristics,No voltage hysteresis situation.
3.High security, high reliability, good sealing, no pollution.
4.Stable performance, long storage(storage for over 10 years at normal temperature, low self-discharge.)
5.Working terperature are very widely.(-40℃~60℃).
Model Number Nominal Voltage Overall dimensions Nominal Capacity Other
CR1220 3.0 -Φ12.5X2.0mm 40mAh
CR1025 3.0V Φ10.0X2.5mm 30mAh
CR1216 3.0V Φ12.5X1.6mm 25mAh
CR1225 3.0V Φ12.5X2.5mm 50mAh
CR1616 3.0V Φ16.0X1.6mm 50mAh
CR1620 3.0V Φ16.0X3.2mm 70mAh
CR1632 3.0V Φ16.0X3.2mm 120mAh
CR2016 3.0V Φ20.0X1.6mm 75mAh
CR2025 3.0V Φ20.0X2.5mm 150mAh
CR2032 3.0V Φ20.0X3.2mm 210mAh
CR2330 3.0V Φ23.0X3.0mm 260mAh
CR2354 3.0V Φ23.0X5.4mm 500mAh
CR2430 3.0V -Φ24.5X3.0mm 270mAh
CR2450 3.0V Φ24.5X5.0mm 550mAh
CR2050 3.0V Φ20.5X5.0mm 360mAh
CR2477 3.0V Φ24.5X7.7mm 850mAh
CR2477T 3.0V Φ24.5X7.7mm 1000mAh
CR3032 3.0V -Φ30.0X3.2mm 500mAh
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