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Ni-MH Consumer battery

provides high performance NIMH rechargeable battery solutions to leading manufacturers in the electronics, computer, communications, Power tools, home appliance and other industries. Meanwhile, we can meet your specific design needs, wherever you manufacture.Blue Taiyang engineering team always work in close cooperation with customer to develop directly the right solution and provide the necessary prototypes quickly.

Ni-MH Industry battery

Environmentally friendly
Long service life
High energy density
Flat discharge performance
No memory effect
High drain performance
High reliability

Ni-MH battery Pack

Pouch can combined by:Nimh all size AAAA,AAA,AA,A,18,SC,C,D,F,9V,2/3,3/4,4/3,4/5,5/4,7/5
Capacity:80mAh~13000mAh.Major Advantage:
1.Friendly to the environment : No Cadmium,Mercury,Lead
2.No memory effect
3.Low internal resistance
4.Long service life : more than 500-1000 cycles under normal use
5.Low Self-discharge Character

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