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18650 lithium battery power ba

1. Indicator shows power status of external battery.
2. External battery charges through USB cable.
3.Support data sync through case connector.
4.Connector: Micro USB.
5.Capacity: 2000mAH~6600mAh.
6. Input: 5V Max.

7.Output: 5V Max.


Polymer battery power bank

1.Ultra slim thin as mobile phone.
2.Overcurrent protectioin.
3.Overcharge protection.
4.High temperature protection.
5.Super ultra working life--1000+times charge.
6.Original Blue Taiyang core.

Power bank D10

QC3.0 quick charge two-direction

quick charge, type-c input supportive

2 cell-phones at one time supportive

T20 Power bank

Quick charge & discharge

U赢电竞竞猜 With charge wire, type-C input supportive

Flashlight supportive30-50M)lighting

Table lamp supportive13 LED lamps)lighting

U赢电竞竞猜 Holder supportive( hidden drawer )

CertificateCE,ROHS, FCC, battery UN38.3, MSDS

D22 Power bank

U赢电竞竞猜 Small figure, high capacity

Quick charge

Power indicator

TYPE-C input supportive

Android input supportive

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